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The Lost Wax Casting Process
is a dynamic, millenniums old process used in a variety of art forms.

Although the tools and styles have developed over time, the basic Lost Wax Casting Process is still the same. The great metal and bronze sculptures of the world use this process, as do the aerospace and dental professions.

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Lost Wax Casting

Christy has honed her skills, utilizing and adapting this process to create her unique jewelry treasures.

As you will see below, the Lost Wax Casting Process is delicate, careful and methodical.

The Process:

  • First a wax model of the design is created using either melted injection wax or carving wax
  • The wax model is then placed on a rubber base containing sprues. (Sprues are small holes that will later allow the melted wax to be "Lost".)
  • The wax model and rubber base are placed into a metal holding container.
  • Next, plaster is poured into the metal container until the wax is covered.
  • The plaster then hardens at which time it is placed inside a kiln, where the heating process melts the wax and it flows out through the sprues.
  • A cavity bearing the exact imprint of the original wax model is now left behind.
  • Molten metal is then shot into the cavity by centrifugal force.
  • As the metal cools and hardens, the plaster is washed away.
  • Now you have your metal cast, which is filed and polished.
  • A rubber mold is now made of the metal cast and molten wax is injected into the cavity of the rubber mold.
  • The entire process is then repeated and an unlimited number of wax reproductions can be cast in metal.
  • Finally, prongs are soldered to the metal and the piece is polished. Stones are then set and the piece is polished a final time.
  • The final product is stunning, unique, designer jewelry that you'll feel good about wearing. Visit the showcase now!

Jewelry Showcase
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