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Christy DrexelChristy's love for exquisite jewelry began when she was a child. Her mother would let her play with her jewelry from her jewelry box when she was upset, and the colorful jewelry calmed her down.

By the age of 10, she knew that she was destined to be a jewelry designer. In high school, she received an award in Jewelry.

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She has taken jewelry design, stone setting, metal casting, and gem identification courses from Ray Schow's School of Diamond Setting, the Revere Institute, the Gemological Institute of America, San Jose State University and UC Santa Cruz. Throughout her 25 years in the custom jewelry design business, Christy has specialized in creating organic and textured jewelry through the lost wax process.

A German goldsmith taught her a new method to create textures in wax. Her love of nature came alive through this process. Injection wax (for creating replicas from rubber molds) is melted in a small metal container and the hot wax is manipulated and shaped by using a warm dental tool. The tip of the dental tool is heated by an alcohol lamp (which is placed under the metal container to keep the injection wax melted).

Pic 1Christy discovered that by dripping hot wax directly on Biwa and fresh water pearls, she could capture their beautiful natural lines. This technique is comparable to painting and it helped cultivate the beautiful and original designs by Christy. She created designs for carved opals, pearls and many other unique stones.

Christy creates a variety of designer jewelry in gold and silver and will take special orders from clients. She has made it easy for her clients to play an integral part in the design of their selected piece by choosing from her many beautiful precious and semi-precious stones.

Pic 2Each piece of jewelry is created with care. Christy wants clients to feel "special" when wearing one of her designs. Through her art, she wants to share her love for nature, flowers, the ocean, people, and God through her unique jewelry designs. Her goal is to manufacture her jewelry designs so that they will be available to people all over the world.


Jewelry Showcase
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